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  1. Can I hide listings I've already viewed?

  2. Can I post a listing directly on your site?

  3. Does Lovely have a mobile app?

  4. How can I find out when new listings are posted on Lovely?

  5. How can I view listings in only the neighborhoods I'm interested in?

  6. How can Lovely help me organize my apt search?

  7. How do I report a listing that is inaccurate or looks like a scam?

  8. How do I save a listing that I want to view later?

  9. How do I turn off notifications on my phone?

  10. How do I zoom into the map?

  11. How does the right-hand list relate to the map?

  12. I am a pet owner, how will this impact my apartment search?

  13. I don't know which neighborhood I want to live in, how can your site help me find out?

  14. I found an apartment I like, how long will it be on the market for?

  15. I found an apartment I like, what's the next step?

  16. If I choose to sign up through facebook, what will appear on my wall or newsfeed?

  17. My apartment is not for rent, how do I remove it from your site?

  18. No (or very few) listings appeared the search results, how do I find more?

  19. What are "Fresh" Listings?

  20. What do the color markers on the map mean?

  21. What do the numbers on the map mean?

  22. What does "Other" mean in the search filters?

  23. What materials should I bring to an apartment viewing?

  24. What should I include in my message to a landlord in order to stand out?

  25. What tools do you offer for landlords and property managers?

  26. Where can I adjust or delete my alerts?

  27. Where did the name 'Lovely' come from?

  28. Your site shows inaccurate details of my listing, how do I change them?

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